Ground Force Activation Trainer- Intermediate Demo

Hello again and welcome back to Spiriflex! This video shows a few intermediate exercises that can performed using our Ground Force Trainer. As participants continue their conscious breathwork while focusing their muscular intent on the end ranges of exercises more mobility and comfort can be achieved over time. The GFT is a muscle activating device designed to enhance the contractability and strength of muscles through an adjustable resistance foot/hand platform. The GFT utilized with controlled diaphragmatic breathing can provide benefit to overly tight and weak musculature. This device can be used to create effective mobility workouts by enhancing the exercises utilized by athletic trainers and Yoga instructors. It is recommended to be used early in the day before you eat or in conjunction with any pre-existing exercise and mobility training program. The Ground Force Trainers are a 100% functional and orders can be placed at Join me on Instagram @Spiriflex